FilmShots Round-134

Greetings! My name is Cameron Moore, I am a videographer, photographer and the founder of Moore’s Media. Essentially, this website will allow you to view the finest works in my media portfolio, keep up with my fast-moving life via social media and easily contact me for media you may need created. I am here as your full media consultant. I will work with all clients, with budgets big or small. This site is not only a connection to me and my work, but it also gives you the ability to connect with my large network of media makers. (Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Web Design, Music Composing, Video Producers, Photographers, ect.)

So, next time you need media made, or if you would just like to collaborate, make sure to remember the “Moore” name. It has been renowned for it’s tradition of excellence since 1950.

Thank you for your time and business.



Cameron Moore,

Founder, Moore’s Media